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Wecolme, a New Author and Creator with us

Arab Nile Group is pleased to receive your creativity in various fields. At the same time, our company is interested in producing and publishing what we believe is of important to the reader, whether this publication is directed to specialists, to general reader, to the adults, youth, young people, or our beloved children. Therefore, the publishing process is subject to a careful review in the selection, and this process is done with the help of specialists in each field to conduct the examination and arbitration process and to make the final decision- making for the publication process

The Invitation is open for everyone to send their intellectual, literary and scientific work to the following e-mails: or 


  1. Submit your entire work in Word format
  2. Brief Summary of the work to be published. – The CV of the author/ Writer
  3. All Contact Information of the Writer

The examination process and final decision making takes from 4 – 8 weeks from the date of receiving the work

In case the work passed the approval stage, an agreement will be made with the author through a contract that protects both parties from the moment of the agreement until the publication of the book. As well as the distribution and marketing of the book in the internal and external market