Arab Nile Group

Chairman Message

We in Arab Nile Group, believe in the concept of education and learning, and whether it is done in the school or at work, education and culture are the only way to develop the human life.

For this reason, Arab Nile Group has several partnerships with the most important publishing houses in the world, We also cooperated with remarkable group of authors in all disciplines to provide the latest sources of knowledge to develop people’s lives in all fields.

Arab Nile Group, since it’s inception in 1998 up to the present moment still contributing to the development of people’s lives through out the various publishing programs provided by the company in many areas of knowledge that we all need.

Year after year, Arab Nile Group looks forward to provide more creativity and distinguish intellectual production to serve our country and the Arab region. Therefore, we always open our doors to receive the works of distinguished authors and resarchers in Various fileds to support our Arab Libraries with the greatest amount of knowledge.

Finally, Arab Nile Group hopes that its name will be associated with any development or prosperity that occurs in all our Arab societies, based on the use of its various publications, whcih undoubtedly reflect on people’s lives.